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Band Instruments: Should You Rent or Buy? August 1, 2017

Tulsa, Tulsa County
Band Instruments: Should You Rent or Buy?, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Being in a band is an incredible and meaningful way to celebrate music. Before you start practicing, you’ll want to make sure you have the right instrument, which begs the question: should you rent your band instrument or buy it?

Based in Oklahoma, Tulsa Band & Guitars not only advises musicians, but they also offer both options. With a wide selection of musical instruments and an expertise in instrument repair, they represent one of the area’s most respected music hubs. 

When you’re contemplating whether to buy or rent a band instrument, the most important consideration is where you are in your musical journey. If you are a relative beginner learning a band instrument for the first time, it’s a smart decision to opt for renting.

band instrumentThat way, you give yourself plenty of flexibility if you realize the instrument is not perfect for you. It can also be a great option for passionate musicians who want to try not just a clarinet, but a trumpet too. Since renting is short-term, it’s a very friendly approach for experimentation. 

If you’re more confident about your choice of instrument or further along in your musical career, it makes sense to purchase it. In the long run, it’s more prudent to own since the rental fees will add up the longer you rent.

As long as you know you’re devoted to the instrument, you’ll wind up saving money. Buying an instrument can also help grow your bond with music. By having an instrument that belongs to you, it will nurture feelings of musical confidence and pride. 

As you consider what to do about the band instrument you want, consult with Tulsa Band & Guitars. You can start a conversation with a friendly staff member by calling (918) 663-3210. Learn more about the store by visiting their website

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