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Understanding Auto Service: What Is a Tuneup? August 1, 2017

Loveland, Hamilton
Understanding Auto Service: What Is a Tuneup?, Loveland, Ohio

In a world where most people have schedules that are so packed they barely have time for themselves, auto service might be the last thing on your list. Unfortunately, neglecting routine car maintenance could cause additional problems that could shorten your vehicle’s lifespan. Here is a little more information about auto tuneups, why you need them, and how to schedule one today.

Understanding Auto Tuneups

What Is an Auto Tuneup? 

Your car might seem sturdy, but just like any other mechanical device, your engine components have a breaking point. Fortunately, regular auto service can help mechanics to identify issues early and resolve them economically.

auto serviceDuring tuneups, automotive technicians take care of things like checking and replacing air filters, serpentine belts, fuel filters, and spark plugs. Your ignition is carefully inspected, and things like distributor caps and PVC valves are adjusted or replaced. Your car’s battery will also be tested to check the capacity and charge strength.   

Why Do You Need Them?

In addition to helping you to identify problems before they snowball into much larger car issues, auto tuneups help you keep your car reliable. For example, if you skip your routine car tuneup, and you suffer a broken serpentine belt or a damaged car battery, your vehicle might sputter to a halt or leave you stranded in a parking lot somewhere. Additionally, preventive automotive maintenance, like tuneups, help you to protect manufacturer and dealer warranties.


Has it been awhile since your car was carefully inspected by a professional? Ken Marcotte's Professional Auto Service in Loveland, OH, can help with everything from wheel alignment and brake inspections to auto tuneups specifically tailored for your make and model of vehicle. For more information about their services or to schedule an appointment of your own, send them a message online or call (513) 683-7852.

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