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Buffalo Auto Body Repair Shop Explains How to Erase Minor Car Scratches July 20, 2017

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Buffalo Auto Body Repair Shop Explains How to Erase Minor Car Scratches, Buffalo, Minnesota

Whether your car has been scratched by accident, the forces of nature, or someone with a grudge, the damage shouldn’t be ignored. Not only are the scratches unsightly, but, over time, they can lead to the metal body of your car rusting and developing holes. Auto body repair can make your vehicle look like new and help protect it from future damage. Buffalo Collision Repair in Minnesota says many shallow scratches don’t require major body work but can simply be buffed out.

A professional auto body repair shop knows a thorough cleaning is necessary before starting any work. Often, what looks like a scratch or scuff mark is just grit or grime clinging to your car. A thorough wash can reveal the true flaws in the surface of your vehicle.

Auto Body RepairA car’s paint job consists of several layers. The metal body is coated with primer and then paint, with a clear surface coat on top. Many hairline scratches might be barely noticeable, but deeper scratches need to be addressed. Most scratches only affect the clear top coat of the paint job and can be treated by buffing.

Using wax or a clay bar, you can remove whatever dirt and grime didn’t come off during the wash, but it can also smooth out the top clear coat. A thorough job with the wax can make your car look like new.

Sometimes there are deeper scratches that penetrate the paint layer of your vehicle, and no amount of wax will make them go away. This is where Buffalo Collision Repair can help. With paint matching, they can treat those deep scratches, so no one would even know you were in an accident.

Whatever your car damage, Buffalo Collision Repair is there for you. While your vehicle is in their shop, getting expert auto body repair from their qualified technicians, you will get a free courtesy car to drive around. Call them today at (763) 682-3135 for a free repair estimate, and visit their website to learn more.

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