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Printer Maintenance: 3 Routine Services Your HP Printer Needs July 13, 2017

Jessup, Anne Arundel
Printer Maintenance: 3 Routine Services Your HP Printer Needs, Jessup, Maryland

Few things are as frustrating as finding a malfunction in your printer when you need it the most. Whether you do most of your printing at home or at work, it’s no question that your HP device will require regular printer maintenance every so often to keep it running smoothly.

Printer service should be a part of your yearly plan to keep your device in good shape so you’re not faced with more complex and expensive printer repairs later on down the road. If you use an HP printer, here are three occasional printer maintenance services you should consider:

Keep Your Scanner Spotless 

When using a scanner, you hold a reasonable expectation that each printed sheet will come out without smudges or lines of demarcation. To avoid streaks and smudges, you need to make sure that your scanner is clean. To do it yourself, simply open the document release door and use a dry cotton swab to clean the white strip inside. You can also get rid of caked-on dirt, dust, and residue by using rubbing alcohol or a small amount of water on a swab.

Stick With Driver Updates 

printer maintenanceHP printers are equipped with software called a driver, which essentially converts data to a format that your printer will recognize. HP users should know that their printer drives are updated every so often to introduce new features and clear out any bugs in the software. By choosing to participate in each update, you can ensure that your printer is working as efficiently as possible in alignment with your computer. 

Align Your Inkjet Cartridge 

If you’re working with an ink jet model printer rather than a laser printer, you’ll need to realign the ink cartridge once in a while. The need for this minor printer maintenance process is indicated by bleeding colors on your printed documents or noticeable gaps between color and black outlines. Ink cartridges should also be realigned each time you remove or replace them.


If you’re a computer user in Jessup, MD, and are in the market for printer maintenance services, printer supplies, or even installation help, consider working with the team at Laser Line. Since 1989, this team of seasoned technology professionals has serviced HP printers and copiers for small and large businesses alike. Visit them online or give them a call at (410) 636-1700.

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