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Beauty In Dying July 4, 2017

Beauty In Dying, Wagoner, Oklahoma

Beauty In Dying

For years it has been the hardest subject to talk about, the one destiny that we all must face at some point of our lives. Every day we are all one day closer to reaching that hard to talk about subject “Death.”  I’m asked often how is it that my husband and I can work at our family owned Funeral Home and does death bother us? Well the answer is this, we truly believe that God calls certain people to work in certain ministries and by God’s grace we can help His children when they pass on to eternity. Does death bother us? Absolutely, there are those moments when we meet with families who have experienced a tragic or sudden death of their loved one and our hearts break with theirs. We don’t have all the answers and I don’t believe were supposed to when it comes to understanding death. There are certain things God expects us to trust Him on and one is being that when our time here on earth is over that He does indeed have a place prepared for us. Which brings me to the subject in which always brings joy to us in working in the end of life ministry? Jason and I love to hear the families share with us the stories of their loved one as well as how the transition went as they entered eternity. It’s amazing to hear how God was with not only the one passing but also with all the family. The stories we hear about the conversations the ones who are passing have with those who have already passed gives us hope, it confirms the truth about Heaven and that if we are prepared to meet Jesus then we will be reunited with those we love. Let’s face the truth and facts that dying is scary, for me it’s the unknown of what’s going to happen, when will it happen, where will I be and how will my husband and children cope with my death. These are the questions that run through my mind and then I have to stop and remind myself that no matter how it happens if I’m prepared to meet God then I am going to trust He will see me through the final transition in my life. So far, I have no reason to doubt that God will help me in that transition, He has always been faithful in helping me while I’ve been alive so why would He not help me in that final moment. For me I don’t believe the beauty is in dying but more in the transition of our soul and spirit as it departs our temple and travels into eternity where we will live forever. I believe the best way to reduce the stress of dying is one make sure your prepared not only spiritually but also financially. It’s not cheap to be born and it’s not cheap to die, which many ask the question “Why does it cost so much to be buried or cremated?”

The answer: The average cost to have a baby and the hospital stay is approximately around 10, 000 which is around the same cost to have a traditional burial and depending on the cemetery to have the graveside committal. Indeed cremation is much less expensive and you can have a ceremony to honor your life or your loved ones at a more affordable price. So, the answer to why is the cost to take care of our temple at the very end cost money? Its called value, you see we are all valuable and we all deserve to have our lives celebrated one last time after we have made our final transition. Too often our focus is more on the money not realizing that the true benefit of having a celebration of life ceremony brings healing to the ones who have been left behind. Unsettled grief can lead to many health issues and can ultimately at the end if healing is not received cause an early death. That’s where the value of a ceremony to honor someone’s life comes into importance. At our funeral home, we offer great pre-planning options for all ages to help offset the cost at the time of the death. We would love to help you in any way we can to make sure that after you are gone your loved ones who are left behind can celebrate your life by how you impacted theirs and they can begin the healing transition. For more information on our ceremonies please call our Director Jason Shipman or Certified Life Celebrant Anita J. Shipman at 918-485-9525.

Author: Anita J. Shipman


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