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What Do Criminal Law Attorneys Do? July 26, 2017

Carlsbad, Eddy
What Do Criminal Law Attorneys Do? , Carlsbad, New Mexico

Criminal law attorneys represent individuals who have been accused of committing serious crimes. The offenses may be violations of local ordinances, or the individual may have been charged with misdemeanors or felonies under state or federal laws. Experienced criminal law attorneys will investigate the facts, analyze the law, and strategize to develop the right approach and defenses for their clients.

A Guide to the Role of Criminal Law Attorneys


Criminal law attorneys investigate their clients’ cases. The law entitles them to obtain information and evidence that prosecutors have, such as the identities and statements of witnesses, as well as blood test results. They may also file motions to suppress evidence that was obtained illegally or is harmful to the defense. The attorneys also conduct independent investigations to develop defenses, such as finding expert witnesses to refute or question the state’s evidence.     


criminal-lawMost criminal cases end with a plea agreement, which is negotiated between the prosecutor and criminal law attorney. Defense attorneys who are skilled negotiators succeed in getting charges dropped or reduced, entering their clients in diversion programs to avoid criminal convictions, and obtaining favorable sentencing terms.


From the beginning to the end of a case, criminal law attorneys are advocates for their accused clients. Experienced defense attorneys have strong advocacy skills that they use when arguing motions and negotiating plea agreements. During the trial, their job is to cast doubt on the prosecutor’s case and to persuade juries and judges to find their clients not guilty.


If you were accused of committing a crime, seek counsel from Susan Cuddy-Moore Law Office in Carlsbad, NM, for experienced and effective representation. Always focused on garnering the best possible results, the firm’s criminal law attorneys offer personal service combined with passionate advocacy and professionalism. Visit their website for more information about their practice, and call (575) 234-1277 to schedule a consultation.