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From Hiring a Painter to Enhancing Curb Appeal: 5 Renovations to Increase Home Value July 20, 2017

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From Hiring a Painter to Enhancing Curb Appeal: 5 Renovations to Increase Home Value, Newburgh, New York

Some home renovation projects are money down the drain, coming with hefty price tags that aren’t mirrored in your house’s overall value. If you want the biggest return on investment, there are several changes you can implement—some as simple as hiring a painter

Below are five projects recommended for economic results: 

  • painterKitchen: This is one of the most expensive areas in a home to address due to appliances, electric and gas hookups, as well as the cabinetry and countertops that go into making this room functional. Even by modernizing the decor and layout, though, you’ll likely recoup much more than your investment when you go to sell.
  • Bathroom: There is strategy involved in updating this space. If you have a good proportion of bathrooms to bedrooms, remodeling existing ones is the way to go. However, if you have only one or too few bathrooms for the number of occupants in the home, you may be better off adding another one.
  • Maintenance: No amount of upgrades will help your house sell if you let basic cleaning, painting, and repairs slide. Go through your house, inside and out, and take note of anything which is worn down, broken, or showing its age, and make those areas a priority.
  • Curb Appeal: Your yard and facade are essential to making a good first impression on buyers. Invest in landscaping, updated siding, new windows, and fences and gates so your home will look its best from the street.
  • Space: The larger your house is—and the more spacious it feels—the better the offers you’ll receive. Well-planned room additions may be enough to bump your home into a whole new bracket of the market.


The painters at Day One Painting and Renovations in Newburgh, NY, can provide you with many more ideas to boost property value. For more advice or to hire a painter, call their experienced team at (845) 728-5477.

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