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Advice From a Veterinarian: 5 Plants That Can Poison Your Dog July 28, 2017

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Advice From a Veterinarian: 5 Plants That Can Poison Your Dog, Penfield, New York

There are major differences between the biological systems of humans and canines—which means foods, substances, and plants that may seem fine for us can seriously hurt our pets. Veterinarians across the country have seen dogs injured or sickened by contact with everyday house and garden plants. To keep your furry friend safe, the dog vets of Clark Animal Care Center LLP in Penfield, NY, recommend keeping an eye out for the following plants.

Plants Dog Owners Should Watch Out For 

1. Ivy

veterinarianThis plant is common both indoors and outdoors, as its vines appear lush and charming in a variety of settings. But when eaten, ivy can cause breathing difficulties, rashes, paralysis, or coma—and dogs love to chew on things they aren't supposed to touch.

2. Jade

Jade is a rubber plant with thick, oval-shaped leaves. If your pet eats it, they may experience vomiting, slowed heart rate, and depression. Should your companion happen to sample some, take them straight to the veterinarian.

3. Philodendron

Another low-maintenance houseplant, philodendron's large, feathery leaves make for an attractive decorative accent. They also open the door to swelling and pain from your pup's mouth to their intestines, as well as spasms and seizures that could put your dog in the animal hospital.

4. Sago Palm

This short palm plant may lend an exotic touch to your garden, but every part of it is poisonous. If your dog eats the seeds, roots, or leaves, expect vomiting and diarrhea—and in the worst cases, liver failure.

5. Asparagus Fern

This plant may look delicate and soft, but add it to the list of plants that can make your dog sick. They don't even have to eat this one; asparagus fern causes skin irritation with repeat or prolonged contact.

When planning your garden or bringing a bit of nature into your home, remember to consider man’s best friend. If you're worried your dog may have touched or eaten something dangerous, call the veterinarians of Clark Animal Care Center LLP at (585) 377-1160. For less urgent visits, request an appointment online.

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