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Winter Septic Tank Care & Maintenance Tips December 29, 2014

South Lebanon, Warren
Winter Septic Tank Care & Maintenance Tips, South Lebanon, Ohio

Don’t let winter bring only woes to your home’s plumbing. Coffman's Sanitary Solutions Service & Inspections encourages a few simple septic tank care suggestions this winter that will help you avoid any plumbing issues in the relentless Ohio winter months.

Prior to the full-blown winter season, schedule a routine inspection. Coffman’s Sanitary Solutions regularly inspects septic tanks and will evaluate any maintenance-suggested repairs.

As the snow begins to fall, ensure that buildup is avoided over and around your septic tank. This could create major damage to the system, leading to a septic plumbing problem. Any density of snow buildup traps cool air in the septic tank system. Consider investing in a cover for your septic tank, which could also assist in minimizing freezing.

If you plan to be away from your home or property for a period of longer than a week, ask a friend or neighbor to flush and utilize the septic system. Lack of flow in the pipes can lead to freezing and cracking. Frequent use of the septic tank helps maintain the current and equilibrium with your tank.

Avoid using harsh chemicals and flushing garbage waste down the drains. Both will clog and erode your pipes, leading to an unfriendly surprise in your septic tank system.

Installing a sewer camera allows you to closely monitor the draining system of your septic tank—a good move in ensuring excellent plumbing on your property throughout winter. A small leak or mishap can lead to a freeze in your pipe, causing a need for an unfortunate excavation of your tank for inspection.

Contact Coffman's Sanitary Solutions Service & Inspections today at (513) 222-2135 for a pre-season septic tank inspection before the winter blues bite!