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Appliance Repair 101: 3 Reasons Your Washer Is Leaving Clothes Dripping Wet July 24, 2017

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Appliance Repair 101: 3 Reasons Your Washer Is Leaving Clothes Dripping Wet, Jacksonville East, Florida

Are you tired of manually wringing water out of your clothes at the end of every wash cycle? There could be a number of reasons why your washer fails to drain the water from your clothes, and the team at IS Appliance Repair can guide you through them. For nearly 20 years, these experts have provided countless homeowners throughout Jacksonville and St. Augustine, FL, with comprehensive appliance repair services. Below, they share a few reasons why your washer may be leaving your laundry dripping wet.

Appliance Repair Experts List 3 Reasons Your Washer Is Leaving Your Clothes Wet

1. Faulty Drainpipes

The pipes connecting your washer to your home’s drainage system can encounter a number of problems with time and use. Using an excessive amount of detergent can cause suds to clog the drainpipes and block water from draining properly. An incorrectly installed drainpipe can also prevent the washer from absorbing additional moisture and leaving your clothes properly wrung out at the end of the cycle.

2. Inefficient Spin Cycle

Appliance RepairProblems with the your washer’s motor, clutch, or tub parts can also leave your laundry completely soaked in water. Having them inspected by a washer repair professional can help identify the exact problem and restore your washing machine to working condition in no time. Overfilling the machine is another common mistake that can undermine spin cycle efficiency.

3. Water Connection Leakages

The connection through which water enters your washer can develop leakage issues with time and use. These are likely to occur if the inlet pipe is damaged or the valve doesn’t close all the way, allowing water to pour in constantly. Water accumulation in a stagnant washing machine is a telltale sign the inlet has developed a leak and requires urgent attention from reliable repair technicians.

For the residents of St. Augustine and Jacksonville, this means placing their trust in the extensive range of services IS Appliance Repair has to offer. The experienced technicians at this licensed and insured company will be happy to furnish you with foolproof restoration services at the most affordable rates. Call (904) 553-4090 to receive a free phone estimate, and visit their website to view a complete list of their appliance repair solutions.

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