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A Norwich Hair Salon Shares Valuable Summer Hair Care Tips July 11, 2017

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A Norwich Hair Salon Shares Valuable Summer Hair Care Tips, Norwich, Connecticut

Summer takes a real toll on your hair. Between the heat, dryness, and pool chemicals, the season isn’t exactly polite to your locks. With the advice of a top hair salon, however, your strands will stay smooth and shiny. Norwich, CT’s Create-A-Cut Hair Designers are experts at hair color, cuts, and the latest in styling. No matter what this summer brings, they’re offering top tips to make your strands stand out.

A Hair Salon’s Summer Hair Care Secrets

1. Use the Right Products

Summer is the perfect time to stock up on UV-protected hair products. The sun’s hot rays allow the chemicals in everyday products to soak in, which isn’t positive if you’re using low-grade shampoos, conditioners, or sprays. With high-quality, UV-protective products, your hair will absorb the nutrients further, making it the ideal time to break out that leave-in conditioner. Ensure each product’s ingredients serve a healthy purpose, and you’ll see growth rather than dryness and breakage.

2. Try Scarves & Hats

hair salonStaying stylish is easy with an endless selection of hats, scarves, and headbands that not only look good, but also keep your hair and scalp well protected. These toppers help hair retain moisture, keeping it soft during the year’s driest season. They also stimulate the scalp by keeping natural oils under control, helping strands grow long and strong. With so many hairstyling options, a hat or scarf makes the ideal warm-weather accessory.

3. Protect Hair Prior to Swimming

The chlorinated water found in swimming pools is incredibly damaging to your locks. Stop by the hair salon, and you’ll notice countless clients with greenish discoloration or breakage. If you take a dip frequently, add moisture to your hair before jumping in. Hair soaks up any water it encounters, so if it’s already damp, it will absorb less of the pool’s harsh chemicals. Try a light rinse and leave-in conditioner before you pop in, and wash it off thoroughly after. 

Don’t let summer spoil your strands. With the proper hairstyling, cut, and color, you’ll have an excellent pool season. Create-A-Cut-Hair Designers is open all summer long, so visit the hair salon’s website or like them on Facebook to learn more, and call (860) 889-2979 to book your next appointment today.

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