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3 Ways Office Cleaning Boosts Workplace Productivity July 27, 2017

New Haven, New Haven, CT
3 Ways Office Cleaning Boosts Workplace Productivity, New Haven, Connecticut

Several factors go into managing your employees and getting them to produce their best work. Have you ever considered how office cleaning can boost your team’s performance? As the building maintenance team at Amity Cleaning Services in New Haven, CT, explains, a clean office has a direct impact on workplace productivity.

The following are just a few ways that office cleaning can improve productivity for your business:

  • office cleaningReduced Stress: A cluttered, disorganized, or dirty work environment can contribute to stress and tension. This makes your employees likely to experience a drop in performance, become sick, or decide to quit. Cleaning and organizing your office space is one of the best ways to lower the stress levels in your office.
  • Improved Well-Being: One of the biggest problems companies face is employee absenteeism, and workplace absences occur too often as the result of germ-infested offices. A 2015 survey found that employees missed an average of 6.5 days per year due to illness. This can be the result of bacteria on door handles, keyboards, and in kitchens. Professional office cleaning can greatly reduce the number of sickness-related absences.
  • Increased Professionalism: If you don’t put forth an effort to keep your office clean and organized, your staff won’t feel motivated to maintain a professional atmosphere. A clean office sets the tone for the day and shows everyone that you take your work seriously. By setting this example, your staff is likely to follow suit.

With an experienced and well-qualified office cleaning staff, Amity Cleaning Services will help you get more out of your workforce than ever before. To learn more about how this cleaning service can help you, visit them on Facebook, or call (203) 492-9922.

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