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The Differences Between Lace Wigs & Hair Weave July 25, 2017

Garment District, Manhattan
The Differences Between Lace Wigs & Hair Weave, Manhattan, New York

With so many beautiful human hair products on the market, changing your appearance has never been easier. Lace wigs, weaves, and extensions offer the natural look you want and provide endless styling options. Many people have a hard time choosing between hair weaves and lace wigs, but there are several differences that can help you decide between the two.

Lace Wigs

lace wig Brooklyn NYA lace wig covers the entire head. It fits over the scalp similar to a tight-fitting hat and is sometimes used to disguise thinning hair or baldness. The lace portion of the wig is not visible and provides real hair with room to grow. Lace wigs are made of either synthetic or human hair, though the latter will give you a more natural look. These wigs are also much easier to style, as not all synthetic strands can withstand heated tools or hold their shape.

Hair Weaves

A professionally applied weave is sewn into existing hair or glued to the scalp to add volume and length. Clip-on weaves are also available for those who want to add volume and length at home. Unlike glued or sewn-in weaves, clip-on options are easy to remove. However, glued and sewn versions last longer and look more natural. As with lace wigs, weaves are made of either synthetic or real hair and can be styled any number of ways.


When you’re looking for the highest quality lace wigs, weaves, and extensions, you can count on True Indian Hair. The New York City shop has locations in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan for your convenience. They specialize in 100% virgin hair that is free from chemical treatments. Call (718) 221-0181 to reach their Brooklyn store, (718) 262-8231 to reach their Queens location, or (917) 265-8588 for the Manhattan store. Visit their website for more information about their virgin hair products. Like the store on Facebook to keep up with the latest sales and offerings.

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