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Have you ever wondered what the worst possible things you can do for your jewelry are? June 30, 2017

Gibsonville, Alamance
Have you ever wondered what the worst possible things you can do for your jewelry are?, Gibsonville, North Carolina


The temptation to sport all of your most expensive and important jewelry while on vacation is enormous. It seems that a get-away weekend is the perfect time to both relax and display your most prized pieces. While this seems like perfect fun, it is important to keep a few things in mind in order to best parade, yet protect, your most treasured jewelry.

With summer moving quickly along, the experts at Wade’s Jewelers have given their most crucial tips on how to best look after your cherished pieces, while still indulging in the endless possibilities of this beloved season.


  • Whether you are in the ocean, the pool, or the hot-tub, you should NEVER swim in your jewelry.
  • Salt-water is particularly corrosive and can damage jewelry significantly.
  • Chlorine is also especially damaging to jewelry, as it attacks the alloys in gold and other materials, causing the metals to become brittle.


  • You should never wear your favorite or most-expensive jewelry (or any for that matter) if you are spending the day riding roller coasters, sky-diving, etc.
  • Do your best to think out the activities you will be doing each day, and choose your jewelry accordingly.
  • Any extra jostling or whirling can promote broken, bashed, or lost jewelry pieces.


  • When traveling, you should only take the jewelry that you will wear.
  • While it may be a pain to put your jewelry in a safety-deposit box while you're gone, it is more of a pain to lose it or to have it stolen.
  • Do not ever take what you would be devastated to lose/what you cannot replace.


  • While it may be an unpleasant thought, it is important to remember that jewelry pieces such as pearls are porous and strung on silk thread, and thus will absorb perspiration. This can be problematic for your jewelry pieces.
  • Try to plan your jewelry according to how you will be spending your days.
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