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When to Get an Auto Diagnostic Test July 12, 2017

Hopewell, Ontario
When to Get an Auto Diagnostic Test, Hopewell, New York

Your car comprises many complex mechanical and electrical systems, all of which work together for the proper function of your vehicle. If one small thing goes wrong, such as a part wearing down or fluids running low, the entire system can fail. Luckily, your car is equipped with systems that will inform you in many cases when something is wrong. When you receive this notification, you can take your vehicle to the auto repair shop for an auto diagnostic test. The mechanics at XL Auto Service & Tires in Canandaigua, NY, have provided their input on when to get a test and why it’s important.

When to Get an Auto Diagnostic

Your car’s dashboard is full of helpful gauges and lights that you should pay attention to whenever you drive. The check engine light (typically an image of a car engine) will light up when an error code has been sent through the system. It means that somewhere in your car’s engine, something is wrong. The light will turn on if your gas cap is not screwed all the way on, as it will detect the leaking of gas fumes. Try screwing your gas cap on again. If the light doesn’t turn off, it’s time to take your car in for a test.

How an Auto Diagnostic Works

auto diagnosticWhen the system detects something wrong with the engine, it will send an error message, which will cause the light to turn on. Reading the error message will tell you where it came from and give you a clue as to what’s wrong. The only way to read the message is by hooking up a special computer to the engine and then using pinpoint testing to find the precise cause of the error. Your mechanic will diagnose the error then make a suggestion for the proper repairs.

Your check engine light is something that shouldn’t be ignored—leaving it will often result in the problem getting worse and possibly causing expensive damages to the engine. Bring your car in for an auto diagnostic test so you can determine what’s wrong and take the necessary steps to fix it. The experts at XL Auto Service & Tires provide complete auto services, including oil changes, tires and all types of guaranteed repairs. Just call them at (585) 396-2610 to schedule a time to bring in your vehicle.