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How After School Programs Encourage School & Career Success July 21, 2017

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How After School Programs Encourage School & Career Success, East Point, Georgia

For children growing up in poverty, after-school programs provide them with life skill development opportunities that can help them achieve success. Future Foundation in Atlanta, GA, is an education foundation devoted to social behavior studies and educational research. They've developed a series of after-school programs to help teens with school and to encourage career preparation.

Below, they explain how these services serve to benefit youth: 

  • A Focus Health & Fitness: Because impoverished families may have little access to nutritious food, Future Foundation's after-school programs introduce kids to healthy eating and teach them to prepare balanced meals. Kids also learn exciting fitness activities like rollerblading, biking, and wall climbing. Excellent nutrition and outlets for staying active help them to be calm, alert, and able to learn while in class.After school programs
  • A Focus on Healthy Relationships: Future Foundation's after-school programs teach kids to make smart choices and to develop healthy relationships. They assist teens with discussing subjects that may make them uncomfortable, such as sex, dating, peer pressure, and drug use. Open and honest discussions help kids choose positive relationships and avoid life-altering decisions.
  • A Focus on Education & Life Skills: Future Foundation's after-school programs encourage kids to identify their talents and opens their eyes to career paths and other future possibilities. They take college tours, complete admissions applications, and have lengthy discussions about higher education and possible careers so that kids can envision themselves succeeding in both areas.

If you have questions about ways Future Foundation’s after-school programs can help impoverished teens escape the cycle of poverty, reach out to their friendly staff. Their after-school programs are a model of effectiveness—they promise 100% graduation rate from high school to any family that follows their strategy. Visit their website to view contact info, or call (404) 766-0510 to learn more about their program.

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