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4 Reasons to Get Your Commercial Truck Painted July 10, 2017

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4 Reasons to Get Your Commercial Truck Painted, Lodi, New Jersey

From food delivery to electrical repairs, commercial trucks are a necessity in many businesses. If your company relies on a truck, you want to keep it clean, washed, and painted. Continue reading below as the staff from Goodyear Motors, a used truck dealer in Lodi, NJ, explains the benefits of painting your commercial vehicle.

4 Benefits of Painting Your Commercial Truck

1. Make a Great First Impression

Often, your truck is the first thing clients, competitors, and potential customers will notice. If it appears old or discolored, it can go unnoticed at best, and, at worst, it can turn off potential clients. Whether you are already well established or your business is expanding, maintaining a good first impression should always be a top priority. Keeping the paint on your company truck fresh and modern will help you continue making a great first impression and earn the respect of your clients.

2. Spruce Up an Old Vehicle

Many business owners choose to purchase used commercial trucks because they are a good option economically. Previously owned vehicles are often in great condition and available at a fraction of the cost of a newer truck. Despite the perks, purchasing a used truck can often mean purchasing a vehicle with the chipping paint of another company’s logo splashed across the side. Getting your commercial truck painted will eliminate the old logo and help to give it new life.

3. Make Your Logo Stand Out

commercial truckYour logo helps potential clients and passersby remember your company’s name and basic information. If your logo is faded or blends into the color of your truck, it can be difficult to see or remember. The right paint job, however, will complement the logo on your truck and help it to really pop.

4. Keep Up With Your Competitors

When it comes to business, competition is to be expected. No matter how old or well established your company is, you will still have to deal with newer and potentially more resourceful competitors in your industry. To remain at the top of the pack, you have to make sure your business is always well represented. A freshly painted truck helps your company maintain a pristine appearance and compete with up-and-coming businesses.

If you are in the Lodi, NJ, area and need to get your commercial truck painted, call Goodyear Motors at (800) 542-0978 to schedule an appointment. For information on their other services, including truck repairs and maintenance, visit their website today.