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5 Hazardous Situations That Require Tree Removal July 26, 2017

5 Hazardous Situations That Require Tree Removal, ,

When a tree poses a hazard to people or property, the safest option is often removal. When that time comes, you can trust Owens Brothers Tree Service to do a quality job. Working out of the Bronx, the family-run tree service has provided professional tree trimming and removal, plus 24/7 emergency services, for almost 60 years.

Bronx Tree Service Explains 5 Situations That Require Tree Removal

1. Damaged Trees

Some damage, such as dead or diseased branches, can be taken care of with trimming or pruning. If over half of a tree is damaged, however, call for tree removal; trying to prune back such extensive damage could be more trouble than it’s worth.

2. Hollow Trunk

Trees don’t immediately die when their trunks get hollow, and could continue growing for many years. But if more than a third of the tree trunk has rotted or hollowed, that isn’t a safe situation. Call for tree removal, as a hollow trunk can’t support the weight of the rest of the tree.

3. One-Sided Damage

tree serviceSometimes, trees are only diseased on one side, and all its dead branches will concentrate there. This is a particularly dangerous phenomenon because the tree will be weak on one side and could fall.

4. Close Proximity to Buildings & Houses

Trees growing close to buildings pose many risks. For example, an old enough tree could actually affect plumbing systems with its roots. It could also cause roof rot if the foliage touches the shingles, or, in the worst case scenario, it could fall and cause a roof cave-in. Trees can also introduce pests to buildings.

5. Trees Under Power Lines

Trees known to grow past 25 feet should never be planted under power lines. If you have a tree near a power line, invest in regular tree trimming or get it removed. Wet foliage can conduct electricity and end up causing power outages, and a tree branch that touches a live power line can burst into flames.

Owens Brothers Tree Service is committed to safety and responsible tree care. If you need tree removal, you can reach them for an assessment at (718) 885-0914. More information about their tree services is available on their website. Their service area includes the Bronx, Manhattan, Mt. Vernon, Pelon, and Yonkers, NY.

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