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Good Home Health Care Requires Consistency—Here’s Why July 7, 2017

St. Charles, St. Charles
Good Home Health Care Requires Consistency—Here’s Why, St. Charles, Missouri

When individuals require extra physical and emotional support, they may choose to get a professional caregiver. As with any service, not all home health care providers are up to the same standards, however. In addition to compassionate professionals, one of the most important elements in this field is consistency.

home health careIf your loved one requires help with day-to-day living, a regular schedule can be important for mental and physical well-being alike. Keeping to consistent eating, bathing, and sleeping routines fosters a sense of comfort and security. Meanwhile, tasks like taking medications on time or sticking to scheduled doctor visits are imperative for maintaining good physical health.

Consistency in home care isn’t just about staying true to a schedule, though. It’s also a good idea to stick with a single service provider that matches your family member with one compatible caregiver. Having a familiar face filling the role can be valuable in ensuring emotional well-being; this is especially important for patients with mental difficulties like dementia. It also allows the health aide to become acquainted with the client and their routines.

The best way to find a caregiver who offers regularity and consistency is to turn to a top-quality provider. Look for home health care companies that vet their employees thoroughly for compassion and commitment alike. You also want to ensure the company treats its employees well — this means low turnover and a friendly, outgoing staff who will do their very best at work.


If you’re looking for this standard of home health care in Missouri, look to Deer Valley Home Health Services. For more than 10 years, they have provided compassionate elderly care, as well as services for veterans. You can find out more about their offerings online. To discuss your needs, call the location nearest to you. You can reach the Berkeley facility at (314) 355-3679, the St. Charles center at (636) 493-6488, or the St. Louis agency at (314) 773-4433.

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