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A Medicare Expert's 5 Signs You Need to See a Cardiologist July 28, 2017

Forest Hills, Queens
A Medicare Expert's 5 Signs You Need to See a Cardiologist, Queens, New York

If you are having chest pains, are short of breath, or feel like your heart is skipping a beat, it may be time to see a cardiologist, your local Medicare and Medicaid physicians explain. Medex Diagnostics and Treatment Center is Forest Hill, NY’s premier immunology, cardiology, pain management, and diabetes specialist and accepts both types of health insurance for care.

In addition to providing quality heart services, they are committed to educating the community by sharing common warning signs you may need specialized help for a heart problem. To learn more, read the list below. 

A Medicare Expert’s Top 5 Signs You Should Visit a Cardiologist 

1. Frequent Chest Pain 

If you experience recurring chest pain that is not relieved by resting or gets worse over time, it is time to see a cardiologist. This could be a sign of heart disease and could lead to more serious complications, like a heart attack. If you have symptoms of chest pain that are accompanied by nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, dizziness, or fainting, call 911 for immediate emergency care. 

2. High Blood Pressure 

Forest Hills MedicarePatients with high blood pressure are at an increased risk for heart damage and disease. If you visit your general practitioner for a consistently elevated BP or a high systolic number, consider seeing a specialist for heart care. 

3. High Cholesterol  

High total cholesterol is another risk factor when it comes to developing heart disease. Ask your primary care physician to monitor your blood for a total cholesterol level of 200 mg/dL or higher. If you are seeing consistent numbers of 200, it is time to see a cardiologist for a consultation. 

4. Family History of Heart Disease

If you have a family history of heart disease, heart attacks, or stroke, it is important to receive a referral to a cardiologist. Patients with parents or siblings who have experienced problems are at particular risk and should monitor their cardiologic symptoms and numbers carefully. 

5. Physician Referral 

If your physician recommends you see a cardiologist, it is important to take their referral seriously. General practitioners refer patients to heart doctors when they believe the symptoms are becoming unmanageable and require specialized care.

Trust your local team to take care of your heart. For cardiological assistance from your community Medicare and Medicaid doctors, call Medex Diagnostics and Treatment Center in Forest Hills, NY, at (718) 275-8900. To learn more about their cardiology services, visit their website

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