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Waxing Aftercare: The Do's & Don’ts July 6, 2017

Pittsford, Monroe
Waxing Aftercare: The Do's & Don’ts, Pittsford, New York

If you want smooth, sexy skin you’ll be proud to show off this summer, ditch the razor and head to Mark & M.E. in Rochester, NY, for professional waxing. The friendly team at this full-service salon can remove all your unwanted body hair. Below, they share a few tips for ensuring the best results possible following your waxing appointment:

The Dos and Don’ts of Waxing Aftercare


  • Shower before you come in: The cleaner you are, the more thorough we can be. Showering before your appointment will open up the pores and allow the hairs to come out less painfully, a water based exfoliator can furthermore open up pores and enable a better wax.
  • Come in hydrated: Try to drink at least 16 oz. of water immediately prior to your appointment, as well as plenty throughout the day before and after.waxing
  • Use a hot soapy washcloth in the shower at some point the same day after your wax:  It finishes cleaning out the pores and reduces those annoying little bumps.
  • Don’t pick! Picking at ingrown hairs and bumps will only irritate your skin further and could potentially scar the skin. If you have ingrown hairs, we have several products that help can help you out as well.
  • Follow Your Technician’s Guidelines: Depending on your ultimate beauty goals, your waxing technician may advise you to apply a cream that is specially designed to help with redness, irritation and ingrown hairs.


  • Get Excessive Sun Exposure: Your skin is sensitive after waxing, and even minor sun exposure can irritate it. Avoid the sun for at least 48 hours after your appointment, and apply sunblock or wear layers if and when you finally do spend time outside.
  • Use Fragrant Soap: Fragrant soaps and lotions can cause redness and irritation, so avoid them for at least one week after getting waxed.
  • Use Lotions or Oils not made for delicate areas: Remember to use creams and lotions suitable for sensitive skin with ingredients which won’t further irritate delicate areas, and always wait until any redness or irritation has subsided.

If you’re tired of shaving your legs and armpits every other day, head to Mark & M.E. in Rochester, NY, for body hair removal that lasts. Call (585) 473-7360 to make an appointment today. You can learn more about the skin care and waxing services they provide by browsing their website.  

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