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4 Reasons to Choose Private Home Care July 26, 2017

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4 Reasons to Choose Private Home Care , Hebron, Connecticut

When a loved one is unable to care for themselves, deciding how to move forward is an important decision the entire family must make. Maybe you have to be in the office five days a week, or you just don’t live close enough to give them the daily attention they need. Private home care allows your loved one to stay in the comfort of their home while ensuring that they are looked after. The professionals at Staff Mates Homecare in Hebron, CT, explain how private care can be beneficial.

Why Choose Private Home Care?

1. Stay in a Comfortable Environment

private-home-care When someone is unable to care for themselves, their environment makes a huge difference in their overall well-being. Having in-home health care allows your loved one to stay in a familiar place, which can give them a sense of stability as their body is changing.

2. Offer Your Loved One Independence

Few people want to let go of their independence, whether they’re aging or battling an illness. When you hire a home care aide to help out, you can rest easy knowing that they are encouraging your loved one to do as much on their own as possible. In this way, they don’t lose their sense of independence and stay as strong as possible.

3. Save Money Over Time

Nursing homes or assisted living facilities are pricey, and they involve moving your loved one out of their home and into a new space. Private home health care services typically end up costing less over time because you only pay for the care your loved one needs.  

4. Receive Customized & Personal Care

Your family chooses the home health aide; so, they can select the right fit for your loved one’s needs. Does your family member need someone to administer medicine for them? Are they able to cook meals for themselves? Do they need help bathing? Whatever they require, a caregiver will customize care to their unique situation. By working directly with an agency, you’ll be able to create the safe and compassionate health care plan that many busy facilities can’t provide.

If you need senior home assistance for your parent, Staff Mattes Homecare is ready to help. With a commitment to providing compassionate care in a supported environment, you can rest easy knowing your loved ones are getting customized care. To learn more or schedule a free consultation, give the team a call at (860) 228-4321 or visit their website.

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