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3 Essential Steps to Take After Getting a Speeding Ticket July 6, 2017

Downtown High Point, High Point
3 Essential Steps to Take After Getting a Speeding Ticket, High Point, North Carolina

If you get a speeding ticket, it may not seem like a big deal to pay it and go about your life, but multiple traffic infractions can add up over time and result in serious penalties. If you don’t want to risk facing a license suspension or worse, turn to Hill & Hovis in High Point, NC. A traffic attorney from their team can help you fight the ticket and secure the most favorable outcome possible for your particular situation.

What Should You Do After Getting a Speeding Ticket?

1. Review the Ticket

speeding ticketPolice are only human, and they make mistakes like everyone else. If you received a speeding ticket, review the information listed on it to make sure everything is accurate. A misspelling of your name might not necessarily result in a dismissal, but if there are multiple errors, it could help you prove that the officer was inattentive during the traffic stop.  

2. Assess the Charges

To know what kind of penalties you are facing, you need to understand the charges. This will also help you determine if the officer’s assessment of the situation was accurate. If you feel that the charges are unfair or the potential penalties are especially severe, it will be worth fighting the ticket.

3. Call an Attorney

Although it is possible to fight a speeding ticket on your own, quality legal counsel can prove to be invaluable during the proceedings. An experienced lawyer will know how to fight the charges you are facing based on the circumstances of your case. If necessary, your attorney can even negotiate for lesser charges or reduced sentencing on your behalf.

If you received a speeding ticket that you want to fight, turn to Hill & Hovis in High Point. Visit the firm online to learn more about their broad range of experience, and call (336) 883-6000 to schedule an initial consultation today.