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What Is Communication Like During Zeal’s Summer Teen Travel Programs? July 12, 2017

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What Is Communication Like During Zeal’s Summer Teen Travel Programs?, White Plains, New York

Participating in one of Zeal Adventure & Travel’s summer teen travel programs offers a host of exciting possibilities for your child. This White Plains, NY-based company offers trips to locations such as Hawaii and Alaska, exposing your teen to new adventures in a supervised environment. Of course, for many parents, keeping in touch with their child is a top concern during these and other summer activities. So, how does family communication work during these student travel programs?

While your child is participating in one of Zeal’s summer teen travel programs, the standard procedure is to allow one phone call home each week. The goal is to help your child become fully immersed in their experience. While parents are allowed to maintain more frequent contact with their teen under special circumstances, over-communication is typically viewed as distracting from the overall experience.

summer teen travel programsThis doesn’t mean you’re kept out of the loop, though. The program’s trip leaders make contact with Zeal’s home office every day for the duration of the trip, submitting photos and sharing information regarding daily activities. Many of these photos are shared through Zeal’s blog and social media accounts, allowing parents to see what their teen is doing on a daily basis.

Should questions or concerns arise regarding your child while they are on the trip, the leader will pass this information on to Zeal’s director, who then contacts the parents. With this system in place, you can have peace of mind knowing your child is safe and you’ll be informed should any problems occur. 

With a wide variety of summer teen travel programs, Zeal Adventure & Travel is sure to provide an amazing and memorable experience for your child. To learn more about their teen adventure trips, visit them online or call (844) 282-9325.