Skyland Park, Alabama

Alabama Exterminator Shares 3 Factors That Attract Fleas & Ticks July 7, 2017

Skyland Park, Mobile
Alabama Exterminator Shares 3 Factors That Attract Fleas & Ticks, Mobile, Alabama

More often than not, fleas and ticks find their way into homes by way of host animals like dogs, cats, rats, and other rodents. To help prevent their presence in your residence, B & W Pest Control in Mobile, AL, has created a list of things that promote flea and tick infestations, as well as ways to reduce the chances for their presence.

Before calling an exterminator, inspect your home carefully to determine if you have any of the following lures for ticks and fleas on your property:

  • fleas and ticksDogs & Cats: Anytime you let your dogs or cats outside, you risk a chance of exposing them to parasites. The most important way to avoid this is to use flea and tick prevention methods like medicines and collars. Every time you visit a dog park, make sure to wash your pup thoroughly with a flea and tick shampoo to kill any parasites in their fur.
  • Rodents: Another way your home can experience an infestation of fleas or ticks is through rodents like rats and mice. Scheduling regular inspections with an exterminator will keep these vermin at bay and remove them if already present.
  • Unkempt Spaces: Once fleas and ticks are introduced onto your property, you should do everything you can to discourage their presence. Fleas lay their eggs wherever they travel, so it’s crucial to vacuum and clean your flooring and furniture regularly. Failing to do so will only perpetuate the problem, leaving your family and pets at risk for an infestation.

Knowing how to spot these signs and minimize the chances of experiencing fleas and ticks indoors will keep your home comfortable, safe, and pest-free. To learn more about the pest control services offered by B & W Pest Control, call (251) 661-9364 or visit them online. You can also find the company on Facebook.

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