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Why You Should Clean Your Gutters at Least Twice a Year July 24, 2017

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Why You Should Clean Your Gutters at Least Twice a Year, North Branford, Connecticut

As the seasons change, gutters can become clogged with debris like leaves, twigs, and small rocks. Regular cleanings can help protect the fixtures from damage and prolong their life span. When homeowners throughout the North Branford, CT, area want the job done right the first time, they call A-1 Affordable Seamless Gutters. This locally owned and operated company specializes in providing quality service for competitive rates. Here’s why these experts recommend scheduling at last two cleanings per year. 

Fall Cleanup

Your first cleaning should be performed in the autumn, after the leaves have fallen from the trees. During this appointment, the gutter cleaning service will remove plant debris and wash away dirt and mud to eliminate clogs. Addressing this task in the fall also helps you get rid of pine needles that can stick together and block the flow of water in your gutters. Instead of climbing a ladder to remove the needles by hand, leave the job to the experts—they have powerful vacuums and hoses to get rid of the mess safely.
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Year-Round Maintenance

If your home is surrounded by trees, you may need to schedule more gutter cleanings throughout the year. Pay attention to areas where branches hang over the roof, as this is where you are more likely to find fallen leaves. The same is true if your next-door neighbors have trees branches that hang over your property.

Post-Storm Cleanings

If your gutters are not equipped with a leaf guard system or rain shield, they may be more susceptible to debris as a result of spring and summer storms. Depending on the intensity of the wind gusts, twigs, branches, and leaves can accumulate during rainy weather. After the storm has passed, a cleaning may be needed to remove the debris.

Keeping your gutters clean protects your entire home by reducing the risk of water damage. No matter how big or small the job, A-1 Affordable Seamless Gutters has the trained technicians, equipment, and expertise to remove clogs before they cause problems. In addition to cleaning services, the company also performs repairs and new gutter installations. For a free estimate, call (203) 484-0042 or (203) 684-9510. Visit the company’s website to learn more about their full range of gutter maintenance services.

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