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5 Ways to Add a Personal Touch When Arranging a Funeral July 13, 2017

5 Ways to Add a Personal Touch When Arranging a Funeral, ,

When arranging a funeral, people often look to tradition to help make decisions on how to plan the event. But while many funeral traditions carry deep meaning, it’s also important to consider ways to honor the unique personality of the deceased. Serving the Cincinnati, OH, community since 1899, Vitt, Stermer & Anderson Funeral Home highlights a few simple ways to personalize a funeral service.

5  Tips for Arranging a Funeral That Captures the Deceased’s Personality

1. Display Photos & Mementos

arranging a funeralFuneral services can provide a rich sense of closure to those in mourning. However, these important events can also serve as a way to reflect on the deceased’s life. One of the easiest ways to do this is to create a photo display that features pictures of your loved one throughout his or her life. You may also want to place special belongings — such as athletic gear or clothing — around the casket to highlight the things in life that made them happy.

2. Serve Favorite Foods & Drinks  

Your catering plans for a funeral can present a great opportunity to cherish what the deceased enjoyed. If you’re planning a large meal, you may think about serving some of your loved one’s favorite foods. Or, for smaller events, you can pass out their favorite candies or drinks to guests.

3. Play Music With Meaning

The music played at a funeral doesn’t necessarily have to be somber — it can offer the chance to enjoy some of the songs the deceased enjoyed most. Consider making a playlist to play in the background or even asking musically-inclined guests to perform a personal rendition of the departed’s favorite song.

4. Engage With Guests  

While a funeral offers a chance for people to gather and connect, it can also be a time to let attendees leave with a part of the person being honored. For example, if the deceased enjoyed gardening, pass out seeds to guests and ask them to plant them in a special place. You can also hand out candles they can light when reflecting on the individual’s life. Another option is to have a guestbook that allows guests to share cherished memories they had with the departed.

5. Encourage Donations  

Many times, guests will ask if there is a way to contribute to the funeral or to surviving family members. If this assistance isn’t needed, you may encourage guests to make contributions to a non-profit organization that the deceased supported.

If you’re arranging a funeral in Cincinnati and want to add personality to the event, Vitt, Stermer & Anderson Funeral Home offers a flexible and open approach to planning. From expansive floral arrangements to displaying the deceased’s prized vehicles, this funeral home is known for taking the time to get to know you and your loved one and adding unique, personal touches to the occasion. To learn more about their compassionate and affordable funeral and burial services, call (513) 939-2273 or visit their website today. You can also find them on Facebook.