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When Is the Best Age for Braces? July 29, 2017

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When Is the Best Age for Braces? , Columbia, Kentucky

Because many people associate braces with teenage years, there’s a common misconception that children should wait until their pre-teen years to visit the orthodontist. However, there are many health benefits of being fitted for braces much earlier in life.

If you’re not sure when to bring your little one in for an orthodontic appointment, the friendly team at Cumberland Orthodontics in Somerset and Columbia, KY, has the advice you need. Read on as these dental professionals offer insight into the typical timeline of wearing braces. 

The American Association of Orthodontics says childimageren should visit an orthodontist for a checkup no later than age seven. Even if your child still has baby teeth, an orthodontist can detect early issues with jaw growth and emerging teeth. In general, the earlier these problems are addressed, the better the outcome. Early braces may prevent more serious problems down the road, as well as shorten treatment times.

Many parents mistakenly believe that because their child’s teeth appear straight, they are fine. In reality, teeth may possess a range of structural problems that can only be diagnosed by a professional. Sometimes, these issues can be addressed immediately. Other times, the orthodontist will recommend when to begin treatment in the future.

Ultimately, the best age for braces varies. To ensure your child gets them at the right time, though, visit the orthodontist no later than age seven. The orthodontist can also help correct harmful oral habits, lower one’s risk of dental trauma, promote healthy jaw growth, and guide the teeth into the proper positioning. By taking proactive measures today, your child will be best set up for a healthy smile down the road. 

With braces, retainers, and other treatments, the caring team at Cumberland Orthodontics helps patients of all ages attain the healthy smiles they deserve. To learn more about the premier orthodontic practice, visit their website. If you would like to schedule an appointment for an evaluation, you can speak to a friendly staff member by calling (606) 679-8436. 

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