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Is Knee Surgery Right for Me? Review These Signs & Symptoms July 5, 2017

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Is Knee Surgery Right for Me? Review These Signs & Symptoms, Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

If you’re considering knee surgery, you’re in good company! In fact, hundreds of thousands of people undergo knee replacement and arthroscopy procedures each year. These surgeries are commonly performed to address osteoarthritis, a condition resulting from worn, deteriorated cartilage surrounding the knee joint. Other patients may use knee surgery to combat rheumatoid arthritis, a disease leading to chronic joint inflammation.

Nonetheless, determining whether to pursue surgical action can often prove difficult. Serving Fayette County, KY, the orthopaedic surgeons at Lexington Orthopaedic Associates will help you establish an appropriate treatment plan to alleviate your knee pain. Before reaching for another pain reliever, here are five indications you may require knee surgery:

  • Decreased Mobility or Quality of Life: Knee pain should not inhibit your daily routine or impact your enjoyment of physical activities. If you have experienced reduced mobility or quality of life, it may be time to evaluate your treatment options.
  • Nighttime Stiffness & Pain: If your knees become painful or stiff during the evening, knee replacement surgery may be an option worth considering.
  • knee replacementNon-Surgical Treatments Are No Longer Effective: Non-surgical options, such as topical ointments, medications, physical therapy, and exercise are all excellent ways to combat knee pain. If these treatment options do not provide relief or have become less effective, it may be time to re-visit your orthopaedic doctor.
  • The Pain Is Only Getting Worse: In many cases, knee pain will diminish mobility and quality of life over an extended period of time. If your future prognosis is looking bleak, you may be better off addressing the issue sooner than later.
  • Your First Knee Replacement Surgery Requires Revision: Unfortunately, not all knee surgeries are created equal. If you still experience mobility and pain issues following a prior replacement, additional surgery may be required to rectify the problem.

Ultimately, the decision to pursue knee surgery is one best made in conjunction with your doctor’s recommendations. If you are seeking the advice of a qualified orthopaedic surgeon in Kentucky, Lexington Orthopaedic Associates is the place to turn. Visit them online, or contact their offices directly at (859) 277-5703 to learn more about their services.

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