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3 Reasons to Choose a Qualified Permanent Makeup Artist July 6, 2017

Lake Highlands, Northeast Dallas
3 Reasons to Choose a Qualified Permanent Makeup Artist, Northeast Dallas, Texas

Thousands of people turn to permanent makeup to express unique personalities and improve self-confidence. It’s a cosmetic procedure similar to tattooing that leaves the face looking permanently brighter and healthier. Permanent eyeliner and lip liner are possible procedures, but like getting a tattoo, you’ll need a certified and experienced artist to complete your look. Choosing the wrong makeup artist could lead to permanent mistakes.

Here’s why finding the perfect person to apply your permanent makeup is important:

Difficult Removal

It’s easiest to think of permeant makeup as subtle tattoos in areas you typically apply makeup. A needle is used to infuse ink under the top layer of the dermis, and as with tattoos, removal isn’t easy. It also doesn’t come cheap.

Removing the pigment comes with a number of complications, and it can be a risky procedure depending on where the ink is on the face. Not liking your permanent makeup could turn into a disaster, and you’ll need an artist you trust and feel confident with.

Health Risks

permanent makeupPermanent makeup is usually a simple in-and-out procedure, but it isn’t risk-free. Infection and pigment rejection are common issues, and there have also been cases of more dangerous health-related complications. Certified makeup artists are required to undergo training on how to prevent these problems.

General Knowledge

You should treat the permanent makeup procedure as any other elective medical process. Don’t minimize its significance, and don’t get all your information from the internet. You should talk with your artist beforehand about everything the procedure involves. They should give you detailed answers to questions about recovery, side effects, and the procedure in general. If they stumble over their answers or seem unsure, you can’t trust them to know what they’re doing.


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