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Justice.org Debunks Industry Report December 16, 2014

West University, Austin
Justice.org Debunks Industry Report , Austin, Texas

The American Association of Justice has exposed the misleading statements and incomplete facts in this industry report. The American Tort Reform Association is nothing more than a shill for the worst offenders of corporate misconduct who throw millions of dollars at the so called "trade association" who's only goal is to limit individual citizens' access to the courts.

Ready why industry association report is misleading and false here

Yet again, ATRA is desperately attempting to mislead the public by repackaging stale anecdotes and debunked data in an effort to chip away at Americans’ rights. To be clear, ATRA has one goal: eliminate legal accountability for its corporate funders when they harm and kill Americans. Don’t be duped. Educate yourself. Know your rights. Take justice back.

Scott Hendler

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