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3 Ways to Replicate the Look & Feel of Hotel Bedding at Home July 5, 2017

Mason, Warren
3 Ways to Replicate the Look & Feel of Hotel Bedding at Home, Mason, Ohio

If you love sleeping in a hotel bed, then DOWNLITE—a family-owned hotel bedding company based in Mason, OH—encourages you to transform your mattress to emulate the experience. To help you get started, their down bedding experts have put together a list of tips to ensure your room provides you with the same level of comfort as you’d find in your favorite vacation rental. 

Using Hotel Bedding to Transform Your Space

Accent With White

This achromatic color is a popular choice for hotel bedding because it looks clean, sanitary, and luxurious. While you can always add a pop of color with throw pillows, don’t stray too far from the industry standard if you want the same effect.

Layer Materials

The secret to hotel bedding is to layer all materials on top of one another in a way that’s comfortable and stylish. Start with a quality mattress pad, then place sheets, a comforter, and pillows on top.

Invest in Pillows

hotel beddingThe pillows that you place on your bed will make all the difference regarding your relaxation. Opting for a down feather variety will ensure you have the highest-quality product available to rest your head upon.

Iron the Top Layer

If you want your bed to look streamlined, take a clothes iron to the top layer of sheets and the pillow cases. Be careful when setting the temperature, though, or you could run the risk of burning through the material if it’s too hot. Also, check the care instructions on your comforter to see if this treatment is suggested. 

Turning your mattress into a lavish and serene escape is simple when you purchase quality hotel bedding materials. To find out what’s available in the DOWNLITE inventory, call (866) 931-3696 or visit them online to place an order today.