Upper East Side, New York
962 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10021
Originally intended to be a temporary location, Mecox Gardens now takes permanent residence on the world famous Lexington Avenue in New York City’s Upper East Side. In a city filled with custom antique and handmade furniture stores, no other retailer features the same breadth of professionally curated, high-end indoor and outdoor interior design merchandise.

Mecox Does More Than Retail: The Antique & Handcrafted Furniture Store Collaborates With Local Craftsman to Create Custom Design Solutions February 5, 2014

Upper East Side, Manhattan
Mecox Does More Than Retail: The Antique & Handcrafted Furniture Store Collaborates With Local Craftsman to Create Custom Design Solutions, Manhattan, New York

Personalized design is an investment of both time, and money. But decorating your home or garden with customized objects of singular beauty and quality craftsmanship will enhance not just the environment in which you live, but your life. Mecox has eight locations nationwide dedicated to providing customers and interior designers with a resource for antiques and custom furniture for homes and gardens.  

What is unique about this antique and handcrafted furniture store is more than just the quality and diversity of their products. Every Mecox location is in collaboration with creative vendors and local craftsmen to see their customers’ ideas and design inspirations fully realized.

Custom Solutions

At Mecox, anyone can work with a team of experienced professionals to help conceptualize and build a custom-made piece of furniture from scratch.

Here’s How it Works:

If you’re searching for a custom dining table, coffee table, bookcase, bench, upholstered chair, sofa, or any other luxurious home décor product, simply call, come-in, or email your local Mecox. All you need is a rough idea, a photo, or (if you have it) a fully formed CAD drawing to begin the process.

The custom furniture store will find the best craftsmen for your specific project. The team will advocate for your design, selecting the highest quality materials (characteristic of every Mecox piece, whether in-store or custom-made) and turn your design vision into a reality.

Creating beautiful products for luxurious living is an essential element in the vision of Mecox. Each of the furniture store’s eight locations constantly strives to find easy design solutions and inspiration for their cherished customers. For examples of previous vibrant, fresh, custom and handcrafted furniture made possible by Mecox, browse the portfolio online. While you’re there, you can ‘Request Custom Work’ or find your nearest Mecox location.