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You'll Go Coconuts Over Pinkberry's New Froyo June 27, 2017

Koreatown, Manhattan
You'll Go Coconuts Over Pinkberry's New Froyo, Manhattan, New York

Your favorite froyo chain has just released a vegan-inspired flavor, and you’ll love the island vibes it brings with it. Pinkberry’s all-new Coconut Milk Swirl is free of dairy, lactose, and soy, but you would never know by the tastes of it.

What is Coconut Milk Actually?

Coconut milk is derived from the fruit’s meat, which is the hard white substance you see when you split one open. To create the milk, you’ll first grind the flesh with the coconut’s water and then simmer or boil the mixture. You’ll then strain it to create a rich, full-fat milk. For a lighter version, you can simply repeat the previous steps and strain the milk again.

Try Pinkberry’s Coco-Inspired Froyo Today!

If this delicious dairy-alternative has sparked your interest, then stop by your local Pinkberry store today! You don’t want to miss this exciting new flavor.