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4 Things That Should Be Done to Keep Tiled Showers From Leaking July 5, 2017

Onalaska, La Crosse County
4 Things That Should Be Done to Keep Tiled Showers From Leaking , Onalaska, Wisconsin

Tiled showers are a beautiful addition to any home, but unfortunately, they are susceptible to leaks and cracking in the grout if not properly installed. When this occurs, it can be a very expensive repair that may even require a bathroom demolition to get to the root of the problem. To prevent the hassle and preserve what’s in your wallet, it’s crucial to make sure your shower is constructed to be leak-proof from the beginning.

With years of experience working with tile flooring, the contractors at Builders Flooring understand the importance of a high-quality installation. Below, the Onalaska, WI-based company explains what steps should be taken to keep tiled showers from leaking:

Install Cement Backer Board

When installing tile in high moisture areas, it’s a good idea to place a cement backer board behind it. Using this material as a base will provide the support tiles need to remain intact. Cement backer boards are ideal for this kind of application because they don’t warp, delaminate, crumble, or swell when they get wet.

Add Waterproofing Materials

tiled showersNext, a layer of waterproofing material should be applied. Having this underneath the tile will create a water tight barrier that doesn’t allow moisture to absorb through any further once it has gotten past the grout and caulking. The liquid form of waterproofing can simply be rolled or brushed on.

Create a Sloped Surface

Flat, horizontal surfaces are not desirable for tiled showers. As water accumulates in the bottom of the shower, it will eventually soak through the surface and can leave water stains on the ceiling below or in the basement or crawlspace. This is why it’s best for shower flooring installations to be sloped so the water can run off and down the drain the way it’s supposed to.

Seal Grout

After all the tile has been installed, the grout must be sealed with a silicone caulking. Since grout is an absorbent material, sealing its pores is necessary to avoid shower leaks. It’s also important to make sure the sealant used is mold resistant since the pollutant thrives in moist conditions.

Following this installation process should keep your tiled shower in good condition for years to come. Contact Builders Flooring at (608) 779-5366 to discuss any projects you have coming up, or visit them online for examples of previous work.