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3 Reasons to Lock Up Your Guns in a Liberty Safe July 25, 2017

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3 Reasons to Lock Up Your Guns in a Liberty Safe, Barnesville, Ohio

One of the prime responsibilities of a gun owner is safety. Keeping your weapon properly stored is important, and for owners who want to avoid having it in their households, that means investing in a Liberty Safe. Secure and fireproof, this product is the best on the market.

3 Reasons to Use a Liberty Safe

  • liberty-safesControl Gun Access: Owners want to keep their gun hidden from intruders, but having it far from the kids or visitors is just as important. Your family members, friends, house sitters, or well-meaning guests could easily make a mistake while handling it. A safe prevents against accidental tragedies, as your gun remains concealed and locked until there’s an emergency. 

  • Prevent Gun Theft: Many gun-locking devices are on the market for averting accidental weapon fire, but while these are good to have, they don’t provide enough security on their own. A locking device can fail, and a locked firearm can still be stolen. To prevent theft, a heavy-duty Liberty safe is the best alternative.

  • Stay Insured: Many insurance policies require gun owners to keep their firearms in a safe. Depending on the type of gun you own or the quantity, you may even be required to have multiple storage units, since the level of perceived risk increases with the number oft of guns you own. 


If you’re a resident of Barnesville, OH, looking to store your guns in a secure place you can trust, choose a sturdy Liberty Safe from Flag Floors. For questions about their selection of gun safes, give them a call at (740) 425-3344. For homeowners interested in decorating or renovating their house, they also sell a wide array of quality carpets and other flooring products, which you can learn more about on their website.