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Transmission Maintenance: 5 Signs Automatic Systems Need Attention July 10, 2017

West Haven, New Haven County
Transmission Maintenance: 5 Signs Automatic Systems Need Attention, West Haven, Connecticut

A transmission is one of the most critical automotive systems. When problems with it are left to exacerbate, they become even more complex and expensive to fix. To keep your system in excellent condition, it’s important to adhere to regular transmission maintenance and recognize the signs of impending failure.

Here are some of the most common ones:

  • transmission maintenanceFluid Discoloration: You should periodically have all your fluids checked, including the transmission fluid, which should be red or pinkish in color, and semi-transparent. Replacement is needed when it appears dirty, burnt, or contains flecks of dirt or contaminants.
  • Slipping & Delaying: If your vehicle does not accelerate when you press the gas, revs without accelerating, appears to switch gears for no reason or doesn’t shift smoothly, these are signs of a transmission issue, and could indicate one of many problems. Driving a vehicle in this condition is very dangerous, as the damage can quickly compound.
  • Low Transmission Fluid: Inadequate transmission fluid may also be associated with other signs of system failure, including jerky shifting and overheating. If your levels are low, have them replenished, as this is an essential component of transmission maintenance. However, it may signal a more pressing issue: a leak requiring transmission repair. Check your driveway for spots and have your vehicle looked at by a professional. 
  • Vehicle Overheating: Allowing your vehicle to run too hot can cause many transmission problems, such as hardened seals and slipping. If your vehicle overheats frequently, it is most likely being caused by low or contaminated transmission fluid.
  • Dashboard Warning Light: If you notice any of the above signs along with an illuminated “Check engine” light, your vehicle needs professional attention as soon as possible. A lit warning light all by itself, however, is not necessarily a sign of transmission trouble.


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