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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Security System for Your Home July 24, 2017

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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Security System for Your Home, Conway, Arkansas

With homes left empty more often, summer is like hunting season for burglars; the FBI found that burglary rates increase about 10% during this time of year. Put the safety of your home and its occupants first by installing one or more security systems on the premises. To help you choose the right ones, the experts at Digital Alarm Systems in Russellville, AR, share some tips.

How to Choose the Right Security System For Your Home

1. Choose a Monitoring Method

The three common monitoring methods for security systems use either a landline, broadband, or a cellular:

  • Landline Monitoring: These have become outdated in recent years due to broadband and cellular availability. Still, if you live in a rural area where the signal is patchy, you can opt for a landline. As part of a basic security package, it’s the least expensive option.
  • Broadband Monitoring: This method relies on an internet connection, making it quicker, safer, and more reliable than a landline. It’s also a more affordable option than using a cellphone, and the tech makes several additional home automation features available to users. However, if your internet goes down, so will your security system.
  • Cellular Monitoring: The standard for home alarm systems, it uses a cellular uplink to communicate with the alarm company. This is the most difficult one to tamper with, and also the easiest to install since it doesn’t involve any wires. It also offers the fastest connection of the three.

2. Consider How Much Technology You Need

Home alarm surveillance systems have come a long way over the past few years. Many provide home automation features, making it easy to operate lights, lock doors, and adjust the temperature from an app on your smartphone. You can often also “answer” the door if a delivery driver or visitor arrives when you’re not home.

3. Consider Add-Ons for Extra Security

picking the right security systems for your home Depending on what you’d like to invest, there are other security methods to tack on. Motion detectors can sense an intruder, while video cameras let you check on disturbances while you’re away. If you are in an area that floods easily, consider installing water detectors that monitor for leaks.

4. Save Money by Staying Simple

Don’t need all of the bells and whistles? The most basic alarm system will monitor your home and alert the authorities in case of a burglary or an emergency such as a flood or fire. You can also skip the monthly fee of a central monitoring station by opting for a system that only emits an alarm for break-ins. 

Whether you go big or go basic, Digital Alarm Systems helps you put safety first with impressive home and residential security systems. They offer the best names in home protection and work with Honeywell, Bosch, DSC, and GE to keep your residence secure. Head online to learn about their current specials, or call their team today at (479) 970-6798.