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The Little Gym of the Upper East Side Offers 4 Health & Fitness Tips to Get Your Kids Moving February 9, 2015

Upper East Side, Manhattan
The Little Gym of the Upper East Side Offers 4 Health & Fitness Tips to Get Your Kids Moving, Manhattan, New York

Every parent knows that today’s children need more exercise, especially since many schools no longer offer enough physical activity to keep your kids active and healthy. However, getting children off the couch these days can seem next to impossible. 

That’s why The Little Gym of the Upper East Side, a New York City kids' gym specializing in family friendly activities, offers you this advice for getting your children motivated:

  • Enjoyment is the best motivation, so finding an activity they enjoy is the most important step. Don’t concentrate on sports activities, either, since many kids lack interest or ability. Instead, try a fun activity like Zumba or other dance programs which can be enjoyed by children of any skill level.
  • Organize fun outdoor activities like hiking or skiing, or arrange informal jump-rope games. Jumping rope is a great activity for overall health and fitness, for anyone from young children to pro athletes.
  • Dancing is another simple, enjoyable activity most kids can do at home with no equipment at all. Exercise programs like Zumba have caught on around the world, but any kid with access to the internet can practice any dance style they like. Just jumping around is fun physical activity too. 
  • Joining a family friendly gym offers your kids an inviting environment with a wealth of physical activities, and a place where they can make new friends.

The Little Gym of the Upper East Side offers a wide range of activities for the whole family, from kids' gymnastics to dance classes. Visit their website to view their range of classes, or call (212) 787-1124 for more information and to schedule a visit.

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