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Need Fast Cash? 4 Things to Bring to a Pawn Shop July 28, 2017

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Need Fast Cash? 4 Things to Bring to a Pawn Shop, Norwich, Connecticut

Pawn shops can be an easy, low-stress solution when you fast cash in a hurry. Instead of selling your valuables, the broker holds them as collateral on a small loan, allowing you to walk out with the cash you need in a matter of minutes. However, once you've found your most trusted local pawn shop, you still have to decide what to bring. Luckily, most pawn brokers will accept a wide range of items as collateral for fast cash loans.

The 4 Best Items to Bring to a Pawn Shop

1. Power Tools

As valuable as they are, old power tools are often overlooked. However, they're always in high demand, so most pawn shops are willing to pay top dollar for high-quality power tools, especially those made by trusted brands. Before bringing them in, clean your tools to get rid of any grease, dirt, and any built up sawdust.

2. Jewelry & Unused Gold

Gold, silver, and gemstones are among the most valuable items most people possess. Even broken or out-of-fashion pieces will usually be worth the cash you need, since they're often melted down to make new jewelry.

3. Androids & iPhones

fast cashEven some slightly older smartphones can get you the fast cash you need, as long as they're in good shape and have all the accessories. Before pawning a smartphone for fast cash, make sure you do a hard reset and delete all your personal data.

4. Guns

Unlike most consumer goods, guns generally retain a great deal of their original value. When bringing a gun into a pawn shop, make sure it's completely unloaded and locked in its case, and make sure you have any licenses or other documentation you need.


If you're in need of fast cash, the experienced staff at AZ Pawn in Norwich, CT, is here to help. With their reputation for high-quality service and years of experience, they happily offer collateral loans on almost any type of valuable you can bring in. See a complete list of items they accept online, follow their Twitter for updates, or call (860) 889-4474 with any questions.