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Repurposing Hardware: 5 Ideas for Your Old Cinder Blocks July 24, 2017

Stayton, Marion
Repurposing Hardware: 5 Ideas for Your Old Cinder Blocks, Stayton, Oregon

After completing a home remodeling or construction job, you may have some hardware left over. Such extras might include paint, lumber, and other building materials, such as cinder blocks. If you have extra storage room in your home, you may be able to save some of these items for touch-ups or a future project. However, if you have limited space, it’s best to repurpose bulky items like cinder blocks and find alternate uses for them.

Below, the experts from Stayton Builders Mart, a hardware store in Stayton, OR, list some popular DIY ideas for repurposing your old cinder blocks.

Reusing Hardware: 5 New Uses for Old Cinder Blocks

1. Raised Garden

A raised garden is an excellent choice if you are planting small plots of flowers or vegetables. Creating an enclosed area for these plants helps deter weeds and pests while also preventing soil compaction and providing good drainage. Cinder blocks are the perfect building material for these gardens because they are sturdy, stack easily, and are resistant to mold and decay.

2. Planters

For a fun and unique update to your outdoor decor, take your unused hardware and create a cinder block planter. This allows you to plant flowers and succulents at different levels for a space-saving, geometric garden.

3. Tables

hardwareFor a more practical use of your old blocks, consider creating a table. The easy-to-stack, resilient quality of concrete cinder blocks makes them the perfect choice for patio tables, desks, and coffee tables. You can leave them as is for a rustic, utilitarian look, or you can paint them for something a little more elegant.

4. Shelving

The slots in these blocks make them perfect for shelving. Use larger blocks to store books and supplies and smaller ones for knick-knacks and other decorations. You can also combine the block with other unused hardware, such as lumber, to create large shelves for your books and records.

5. Storage

Cinder blocks also make great storage areas for various items in your home and yard. You can use them to stash firewood, hold your wine and liquor bottles, or as a safe place for your keys. There’s no wrong way to use these blocks, and you’ll find a purpose for them in every room.

If you are interested in purchasing cinder blocks to complete one of the DIY projects listed above, call Stayton Builders Mart at (503) 769-7118 to discuss their current selection. To view all the hardware available at their location, visit their website today.

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