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What Is Sugaring Hair Removal? July 20, 2017

Meadville, Crawford
What Is Sugaring Hair Removal?, Meadville, Pennsylvania

For so many women, smooth skin is a must, but hair removal is a struggle. Shaving leaves razor burn and encourages the hair to grow back stubbly while waxing is often painful. For a simple, safe, effective alternative, 829 Hair Studio in Meadville, PA, offers sugaring for all your hair removal needs.

The sugaring process is similar to waxing. A paste made of sugar, water, and lemon juice is applied to the skin and pulled away, taking hair with it. However, sugaring has benefits beyond what waxing offers.

hair removalTo begin with, sugaring paste is applied at room temperature instead of scalding hot. The discomfort and even burns associated with waxing are not an issue with sugaring. Additionally, sugaring paste doesn't adhere to living skin cells, so there will be no skin damage. Because sugaring is so gentle, the same area can be treated multiple times to catch missed hairs without any tweezers.

Sugaring paste adheres to dead skin cells, however, which means you'll enjoy exfoliating effects along with your hair removal. And the hair removal itself is more effective, as the paste seeps into the hair follicle, removing the entire hair with the root rather than breaking it off. Waxing breaks up to 30% of the hairs it removes, which means the hair will grow back faster.

Because of the composition of hair removal wax, it can only be dissolved by specific chemicals, which means you'll walk out of the hair salon with annoying sticky patches. With sugaring, the paste is 100% water soluble, so any stickiness can be solved with a quick rinse. Wax is also prone to cross-contamination and can spread bacterial infections where sugaring paste is naturally bacteria-resistant.

For safe, effective hair removal with a minimum of discomfort, call 829 Hair Studio today to schedule your sugaring session. You can reach the hair studio at (814) 336-1302 or get in touch with them online.

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