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Women's Coloring: Making the Switch From Blonde to Brunette July 3, 2017

Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan
Women's Coloring: Making the Switch From Blonde to Brunette , Manhattan, New York

Going from blonde to brunette is a major change, but this style switch-up is bound to turn heads. Whether you’re a natural blonde who kept your given shade or a platinum beauty who’s ready for a change, women’s coloring will work wonders on your appearance. Here, the experts at NYC’s America Hair Style International share how to get the job done right. 

Women’s Coloring: 3 Tips to Remember When Going From Blonde to Brunette

1. Keep Warmth in Mind

First, tell your hairstylist about the major change you’re about to make. Drastically switching shades can result in a disaster if it’s not done right, so you need an experienced professional to apply the new color. One vital tip is to embrace the warmer hues in your hair, which range from caramel to deep chocolate. Keeping warmth at the forefront of your new color highlights both your skin tone and eyes, achieving a striking appearance without looking ashy. 

2. Switch Up Your Shade

women's coloringWhen making such a significant change, your hairstylist will recommend switching up your shade from the scalp to the ends, rather than going with a single, one-size-fits-all coloring. With today’s balayage styles, this is easy to do in a fashion-forward way. And since naturally brown hair contains differences in shine and movement throughout, combining multiple shades of women’s coloring products will create the shade that fits you best. 

3. Use the Right Products 

When you switch over to a darker color, avoid any products you used as a blonde. Most of these will cause your new color to fade out quickly. Instead, opt for high-quality, non-sulfate shampoos, moisturizing masks, and color-preserving products to make your new look stand out. 

When you’re seeking a major color conversion, turn to the professionals at America Hair Style International. Whether you desire corrective women’s coloring, balayage, or a one-of-a-kind new blowout, this talented team will leave you looking gorgeous. Visit the salon’s website and Facebook page for more information, or call (212) 315-1527 to schedule your appointment today.

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