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5 Types of Cooling & Heating Systems Available for New Construction June 30, 2017

Brookline Village, Brookline
5 Types of Cooling & Heating Systems Available for New Construction, Brookline, Massachusetts

When you’re building a new home, you have the opportunity to design an efficient new cooling and heating system. As HVAC equipment becomes more sophisticated, it can be hard to tell which products will keep your house comfortable. As a certified Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor, Atlantic Heating & Air Conditioning of Brookline, MA, offers a variety of cutting-edge HVAC products that will stand up to the heat of a Boston-area summer and the coldest days of the winter. Below, they discuss the five systems they recommend for new construction.

1. Horizontal-Ducted

Horizontal-ducted units are efficient and require less ductwork than traditional units. The low-profile conduits can be installed above the ceiling or under the floor, allowing you to control the temperature in each room.

2. Ceiling-Cassette

If you don’t want to add large amounts of ductwork to your ceiling or floor, the ceiling-cassette suspended indoor unit may be the perfect solution. These systems lie flat against the ceiling and offer multidirectional air distribution, so your home maintains a comfortable temperature.

3. Wall-Mounted

cooling and heating systemSome cooling and heating systems are obtrusive. They can be loud and take up a lot of space, but modern wall-mounted indoor units are sleek and quiet. You can manage the temperature of each room to maintain a consistent temperature or make independent adjustments as needed. Connecting your HVAC equipment to your Wi-Fi network makes it easy to control the settings with your tablet or smartphone instead of an AC controller.

4. Ducted Air Handler

These energy-efficient cooling and heating systems can be installed horizontally or vertically to fit into any new home design. They use fiberglass-free insulation to improve efficiency and reduce condensation. Ducted air handlers are built to easily disassemble and reassemble for fitting into tight spaces, making them ideal for installation during the construction phase.

5. Floor-Mounted

Mitsubishi Electric Comfort™ floor-mounted indoor cooling and heating units feature a multistep filtration system to remove viruses, bacteria, and allergens from the air, keeping your family healthy. They use Hyper-Heating INVERTER® technology to heat your home all winter without creating excessive noise.

Work with an experienced contractor to find the HVAC system that fits your new space and comfort needs. To learn more about the latest Mitsubishi Electric cooling and heating equipment, call Atlantic Heating & Air Conditioning at (617) 566-6990. Visit the company’s website to learn more about their installation, maintenance, and repair services.