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Fishing Gear 101: A Guide to Selecting the Right Rod July 12, 2017

Windsor Locks, Hartford County
Fishing Gear 101: A Guide to Selecting the Right Rod, Windsor Locks, Connecticut

There’s no better time than summer to grab your fishing gear and head down to one of Connecticut’s tranquil lakes for a day on the water. The tools you bring can make the difference between landing a trophy bass or leaving empty-handed.

Below, David Santos Fishing in Windsor Locks, CT, shares some advice for selecting the ideal rod: 

  • fishing gearPower: Parabolic bend, or power, refers to how much pressure is being applied to the rod once a fish is hooked—the lighter the model, the easier it will be to bend. Manufacturers normally categorize rods as light, medium or heavy. The right selection depends on the fishing application.  

When a fish hits your bait and you set the hook, their resistance will cause the rod to bend. Heavy models are better suited for “Power” fishing, while ultra-light rods are used for finesse-type fishing.

  • Action: The action of a rod refers to where the device begins to bend. Similar to power classifications, action can vary from ultra-light to heavy. A lighter rod will bend closer to the butt, while one meant for heavy action will bend closer to the tip.
  • Weight: Every fishing rod is assigned a weight that lets you know the type of load the fishing line is designed to handle. When using sizable bait for bass fishing, for example, you will need a rod that can handle hefty lures.
  • Length: In bass fishing, the length of a rod is measured from the tip to the butt, ranging anywhere from 6 to 8 feet. The correct length will depend on the angler’s application. For example, a longer rod is excellent for achieving a further casting distance for deep-diving crankbaits. Meanwhile, shorter rods are better suited for top water baits because they provide increased accuracy.

Looking for fishing gear? You can never go wrong with one of the high-performance rods from Enigma Fishing. These quality rods have the Microwave™ Guide System and are recommended by David Santos Fishing. David spends his days competing in angling tournaments all over the country, and as a long-time sportsman, he loves to introduce novice anglers to the excitement of bass fishing. Keep up with David’s latest catches online or call (860) 869-7722 to learn more. 

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