Harlem, New York
2873 Broadway
New York, NY 10025
Satisfy your craving for froyo at West Harlem?s PINKBERRY. This frozen yogurt shop has taking New York, New York by storm, serving up healthy desserts for every occasion. Pile on the fresh fruit or sinful toppings with your favorite frozen yogurt flavor.

Pinkberry’s Next Delicious Came Changer June 22, 2017

Harlem, Manhattan
Pinkberry’s Next Delicious Came Changer, Manhattan, New York

Here’s a secret: your favorite frozen yogurt shop is good for more than just froyo. Come discover Cold Brew Fruit Teas at your local Pinkberry. They’re more than just delicious, refreshing mango and strawberry iced teas… they’re delicious, refreshing boba teas! If you’ve never had boba tea before, this is your chance to experience something uniquely tasty right in time for the summer.

Why Get Boba at a Frozen Yogurt Shop?

It’sFrozen Yogurt Shop perfect. Pinkberry has long searched for the perfect beverage to go with froyo — and they’ve finally found the solution. Sweet fruit flavors burst from each boba ball bite just like each spoonful of froyo delivers the cooling, creamy flavor you know and love. Together, what can be better? You have creamy, chewy, crunchy (make sure to get those toppings!) along with sweet and just the right amount of tart. Together, boba and froyo are like a symphony of flavor!

There’s Only One Place for Summer Refreshment…

You already know where that is. Pinkberry now has refreshing bubble tea to go with its signature, delicious froyo. Discover Cold Brew Fruit Teas at your local Pinkberry today — or learn more on their website.