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3 Coffee Trends You Can’t Miss This Year June 22, 2017

Fox Hills, Los Angeles
3 Coffee Trends You Can’t Miss This Year, Los Angeles, California

For many, there’s always one constant in their morning routine: a piping hot cup of coffee. The coffee industry, however, is not so uniform, thanks to new drinks and evolving consumer needs. To shed some light on these changes, your local Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has created a simple guide to this year’s hottest trends.

Top 3 Coffee Trends of 2017

coffee1. Experience Over Price

From lattes in avocado skins and Starbuck’s® Unicorn Frappuccino to CBTL’s own Nitro Cold Brew coffee, many consumers are craving more than just a regular cup o’ joe. Instead, they’re looking for unique, share-worthy experiences. Whether it’s an unconventional cup, a bold new beverage, or simple environmental responsibility, shoppers want a coffee shop that stands out from the crowd.

2. Shifting Towards Specialty

With this new emphasis on the experience, consumers are also purchasing more gourmet coffee. Here, gourmet refers to coffee beans that are responsibly sourced and grown in special microclimates to create some of the best flavors. For example, CBTL uses the top 1% of Arabica beans from some of the best growing regions around the world. 

3. The Rise of Ready-to-Drink

Likewise, coffee connoisseurs are also gravitating toward canned and bottled beverages. In fact, the ready-to-drink coffee market reached over $2 billion in 2015 and has only continued to grow.

Keep Up With Coffee Trends at Your Local CBTL!

What else can we expect from the coffee industry this year? Visit your local Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in-store or online to find out!

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