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5 Eye Care Tips for Beating Contact Lens Irritation August 29, 2017

Cold Spring, Campbell
5 Eye Care Tips for Beating Contact Lens Irritation, Cold Spring, Kentucky

For many individuals who wish to forego eyeglasses, contact lenses are an attractive solution for near- or farsightedness. Yet, because contact lenses require some adjusting and special care, it’s not uncommon to experience irritation while wearing them. By following a few eye care tips, you can keep this discomfort at bay.

Here are a few tips to help ease the irritation of wearing contact lenses:

  • Clean Thoroughly: Many contact lens solutions say “no rub” on the bottle. However, simply spraying the lenses with the solution isn’t always enough to slough away buildup. You may still need to rub your lenses clean using a gentle touch after wearing them.
  • Follow Instructions: The intended wear time for soft contact lenses could vary from one day to two weeks to a month. Gas permeable (GP) contacts can also be worn for even longer periods of time, including during sleep. To avoid discomfort, it’s critical to wear contacts only as instructed by your eye doctor and the lens manufacturers.

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  • Give Them a Rest: If you wear contact lenses for all of your waking hours, you might want to consider giving your eyes a break every now and then. For instance, some wearers switch to eyeglasses a few hours before bed or upon arriving home.
  • Consider Swapping: If you’ve tried the tips above but still experience irritation, you may need to try a different type of lenses. For patients with sensitive eyes, eye care professionals may recommend soft lenses, as gas permeable lenses tend to require a “break-in” period to get used to them. Yet, some patients find that after the initial break in, GP lenses are more comfortable over time because they allow oxygen to pass through to the eye. Ultimately, both provide advantages, but the right choice depends on personal preference.
  • Talk to Your Eye Doctor: If you’re not completely satisfied with your contact lens experience, talk to your eye care professional. They’ll be able to recommend a style, brand, and regimen to best fit your lifestyle. Even a simple habit like using re-wetting drops or changing your cleaning solution could make the difference.


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