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BBQ 101: What Cuts of Meat Are Best? July 20, 2017

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BBQ 101: What Cuts of Meat Are Best?, Hartwick, New York

When it comes to barbecue, using the right cuts of meat is essential. Whether you’re serving ribs, steak, or smoked meat, tender cuts will complement the flavor of your seasonings, sauces, and cooking techniques. At Redneck BBQ in Cooperstown, NY, they only use the best cuts to create down-home favorites.

  • BBQSteak: Look for cuts of steak with a decent amount of marbling to them. Avoid thin cuts like skirt or flank steaks for barbecue unless you have the skill to marinade them effectively. Instead, select a tender cut like ribeye. You want the meat to retain its tenderness even after you’ve cooked it.

  • Pork: Ribs are the classic choice for barbecuing pork, as they’re a perfect fit for slow-smoking. If you prefer grilled, a thick pork chop with the right seasonings also makes for a delicious meal. Or, for a classic pulled pork sandwich, quality barbecue restaurants use the pork butt or roast. 

  • Other Options: For other meals such as burgers and chicken, a fresh, never frozen cut with a good layer of marbling or fat is optimal. This layer helps seal in the juices during the cooking process, so the meat doesn’t dry out.

The best way to learn which cuts to choose is simply to go to your favorite barbecue restaurant and try out their fare. Serving delicious ribs, steak, chicken, and more, Redneck BBQ brings the flavors of the south to Cooperstown, NY. Take a look at their dinner menu online to see what else they have to offer, or call (607) 547-2678 for more information.

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