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Heating & Cooling System Pros Share How to Limit Indoor Allergens July 13, 2017

New York, New York
Heating & Cooling System Pros Share How to Limit Indoor Allergens, New York, New York

In summer, the pollen count is high, and allergens invade your home en masse. Luxaire® Cares, a manufacturer of top quality air cleaners and heating and cooling systems, understands that there is no way to rid your home completely of allergens. However, you can improve your indoor air quality considerably by following some or all of their suggestions below. Moreover, their furnace and air conditioning systems feature high caliber air filters and UV light technology, which can take up the slack where these allergen reduction tips leave off.

Tips for Improving Indoor Air Quality & Reducing Allergens

Switch Out Fabric & Carpets

Heating and cooling systemsFabrics and carpets are loaded with dust, pollen, and bacteria, so the first step to allergen-proofing your home is to replace your curtains and drapes with hard surfaced wood blinds and to switch out your carpet for tile or hardwood floors. These items are easier to keep free of dust with a simple damp mop or cloth, and this switch goes a long way toward improving your indoor air quality. However, if carpeting is essential, choose a tight, short pile and sweep it often using a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter.

Get Rid of Clutter

The more clutter you have, the more places allergens have to call home. Get rid of all unnecessary porous items, such as clothes you don't wear, boxes of old newspapers or magazines, piles of rags, and objects you don’t use. Also, keep knickknacks to a minimum, or at least wipe them down regularly with a damp cloth or a dust mitt and furniture spray.

Keep Windows Closed

Keep your windows closed during periods when pollen counts are high, particularly in the early morning, during mid-afternoon, and when winds are high. Furthermore, when entering the house, remove outer garments while you're still outdoors or in the mud room to avoid bringing pollen and mold spores into your home.

Use HEPA Filters in Your Heating & Cooling System

Using High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEP) filters in your furnace and air conditioning system is a terrific way to remove dust and pollen from your indoor air. They are more expensive than traditional filters, but they are vastly more effective at removing airborne particulates. For best results, replace your filters every 60 days.

Luxaire® Cares manufactures efficient air cleaners and quality heating and cooling systems that can improve your indoor air quality even further. Visit the website to find a dealer near you, or call (888) 589-2473 to discuss your options with a friendly, knowledgeable professional.

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